Jimmie’s Grub n’ Chub has the grubbiest, chubbiest food around! You want it, we cook it with the amount of love that ol nanny Mumford always did. Our favorite method of cooking our dishes is slathering them in butter and shoving them in the microwave!

Our story begins in the golden year of 2008, a time when pickings were slim and people were hungry. My Grandpapi Slappy Jalappy decided to open up a food stand called Jimmie’s… Named after yours truly. 3 days later he was arrested for selling food without a license. But his dream lives on in our fine establishment. We have a wonderful diner with chairs, tables, and even a TV! (That stands for television!) Our Vision- See a Jimmie’s Grub n Chub in every neighborhood in the Tri-State Area!! But to do that we need to continue having high standards for our delectable juicy sustenance. Also, if you even dare whisper the word vegan in our restaurant I will break your ankles!


Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 11:54pm
Friday 8:00am - 11:55pm
Saturday - Sunday 2:00pm - 9:47pm